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Welcome to the wiki (IckyWiki). There is quite a bit of information here. Some of it is useful for general consumption, and some if it will be completely useless to anyone but us. We also have info about our friends, dogs, chickens and guinea fowl, and interests.

The index box floating over on the right (assuming you are using a semi recent browser) should be considered your main index into the content here. If you can't find it there, try the search box over to the left.

Due to ongoing wiki spam, we have decided to restrict edit access to logged-in accounts and to restrict account creation to us. If we know you, we will create an account for you (just ask). All existing accounts not belonging to people we know have been blocked (most were spammers or never edited).

If you're here because your browser is stuck and for some reason you feel the need to click on something, i'd go with the Random Page link cuz random() is the spice of life.

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